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Read my Declaration of a Sort - my statement of principles, if you will.

The news page is up and running, with 109 posts and 9 archives.

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Updated: My book Freedom is Slavery is up - start from Chapter 1 or go straight to Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.

Liars, Damned Liars, and Wingnuts - a refutation of an email containing lies portraying Teresa Heinz Kerry as a dangerous radical.

Read The Story of an Indian, which should shed light about the other side of outsourcing.

A short dialog in defense of legal abortion.

A review of Al Franken's book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.

My thoughts on the draft.

My article on Liberals vs. Conservatives is finally up.

I reproduce Phillip Kuchar's Faith-Based War on Terrorism article (originally posted on

I have some ideas about how to hit Al Qaida by cutting its support base.

My solution article on Iraq is finally up.

After months of contemplating and discussing with myself, I have written an article about social security and my proposal to replace the current system with need-based welfare.

Read my analysis of the Dean campaign and Folkbum's Counterpoint.

My article in favor of Specialized Legislatures is up.

Read about the 2003 Sellouts.

Read my article on strict constructionism and interpreting the constitution.

Visit my under-construction voting systems page.

Read about Hunger and How to End It.

Read David Payne's The Story of Bob.

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Check the Liberal Manifesto (warning: long, about 110 KB).

Read about The Rape of Freedom.

A few thematic US maps can be found here.

My newest new US Constitution proposal is up.

Check the Chomskyite's Primer if you're a rabid anti-American who thinks that everything the USA does is bad but don't know how to argue like Noam Chomsky for your position.

Read my open letter to Vince Whitacre, Vince's reply to my open letter, my reply to Vince's reply, Vince's reply to my reply, and my final reply to Vince.

Read my plea to Bush, Blair, and Howard, the Injustice Team.

Read David Payne's A Theist Tale, a short story that makes 1984 look pleasant (copied with permission from

Read Chris Gruber's parody of Lt. Gen. Boykin here.

Read this article on why treason should be legalized.

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